Welcome to Waypoint Adventures, Nepal (P) Ltd.

Waypoint Adventures, Nepal (P) Ltd. is a government registered, Nepali owned and operated, Himalayan trekking and touring company. It was established by in 1996 by several experienced adventure travel and tourism professionals. The goal of the company has always been to provide high quality services at competitive prices to all of its clients.If you are looking for the cheapest adventure travel in Nepal without any regard for your own safety or the quality of service, you have come to the wrong website. The reputation of any company depends on their client’s satisfaction with services provided and their prices. With Waypoint Adventures, your safety, security and well-being receive the highest priority and will not be compromised for any reason. Remember that tainted food, bedbugs, lice and bad water can turn the most fantastic trek into a disaster!

Waypoint Adventures strives to provide the following:

  • Prices competitive with other reputable agencies
  • Professional English speaking guides
  • Friendly, competent and reliable staff
  • The best available trekking lodges
  • Equipment that is clean and in good repair