Duer Hot Spring Trek

This trek is the old expedition route to Gangkar Phuensum and, with special permission; it might be possible to extend the trek to the base of the mountain itself, though this is rough, difficult route. The route is through a forest of Cyprus, juniper, spruce, hemlock and maple.

Along this part of the trail between Tsochrnchen to Duer Tsa chhu, it may be possible to see musk deer, Himalayan bear, and herds of blue sheep.


Day 01: Duer to Gorsum 3,120m
Day 02: Gorsum to Lungsum 3,160m
Day 03: Lungshum to Tsochenchen 3,780m
Day 04: Tsochenchen to Duer Cha Chu 3,590m
Day 05: Enjoy hot spring at Tsachhu 3,590m
Day 06: Duer Tsachhu to Tsochenchen 3,780m
Day 07: Tsochenchen to Gorsum 3,160m
Day 08: Gorsum to Duer 3,120m